What We do


KEYNOTE is an experienced, well established consultancy and production firm that deploys unique conference design capabilities and organizational acumen. We can develop each event from an initial concept, through a thorough planning and preparation period, to a successful execution. We are aware of the importance of event follow-up, sharing outcomes, and developing long-term sustainable knowledge-based networks. 


The KEYNOTE team and our pool of highly qualified and experienced collaborators focus principally on politics, international relations, security, civil society, new social trends, and business. We regularly cooperate with a number of highly respected speakers in these areas.


We have implemented or are currently implementing projects in cooperation with notable partners that include the Aspen Institute, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Brookings Institution, Transitions (TOL), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Bata Shoe Foundation, European Commission, European Parliament, Deloitte, and the University of Pittsburgh. We permanently operate in close cooperation with the Forum 2000 Foundation.




In our work, we support efforts leading to cutting edge international encounters, bringing new ideas to life and facilitating unique networking experience. We emphasize conceptual creativity in developing ideas, empathy, readiness to work with new concepts, flexibility in planning and precision in execution.


Please contact us at keynote@keynote.cz

We look forward to working with you!