“Energizing” Low-Income Communities

Realizing the Promise of DC Technology
When: Oct 04th, 2013 - Oct 05th, 2013
Where: Boscolo Prague Hotel, Senovážné náměstí 991/13, Prague

Event overview

The conference organized by KEYNOTE, the Business of Humanity® Project, University of Pittsburgh, and Nupharo, addressed the challenge of bringing the advantages of Direct Current (DC) technology to urban low-income housing in order to energize economic development.

The conference covered the entire value chain for DC power in homes and engaged a wide range of stakeholders from the United States, Europe and Asia, including corporations, governmental agencies, universities and research institutions, and NGOs/foundations.

The key issues addressed included efficient and green local energy generation, energy storage, smart mini-grids, lighting, appliances, HVAC and distribution within DC-focused home design and construction and integration of available technologies.

The conference aimed to create a transnational network of knowledge and capabilities in order to promote the advantages of DC technology.


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