Medical Cannabis and Cannabinoids

When: Mar 04th, 2015 - Mar 07th, 2015
Where: Prague Marriott Hotel, V Celnici 8, Prague 1, Czech Republic

Event overview

The cannabis plant has been used in natural medicine and medical practice across the cultures of the world for ages. After an interruption caused by a draconian global prohibition on psychotropic plants and substances, we are seeing a growing trend for its official re-introduction into medical practice and science.  Recently, Canada, 23 US states, and an increasing number of European countries have allowed the use of “medical-grade” cannabis in their medical practice and research, and dozens of countries have started political discussions or legal processes on these topics. The Czech Republic legalized medical cannabis in April 2013 and is gradually implementing the law, eager to learn from the experiences of others and to spread the word.

The Prague conference on medical cannabis and cannabinoids summarized the effectiveness of different legal approaches allowing medical cannabis in the broader context of a global prohibition on psychotropic pharmaceuticals that created legal, logistical, and economic barriers to its availability. The conference brought together cutting-edge researchers and scientists in the field of medical cannabis and cannabinoids, and provided workshops and practically oriented training for medical professionals from countries with an interrupted tradition of cannabis use in medical practice.

The conference was organized by ReSad and KEYNOTE, and conducted under the patronage of the Czech Minister of Health Svatopluk Nemecek. It was supported by the Global Drug Policy Programme, Czech State Institute for Drug Control, the Global Commission on Drug Policy, and others.

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