Prague Media Point 2016: Media and Migration

Pre-Conference to ECREA´s sixth European Communication Conference
When: Nov 07th, 2016 - Nov 09th, 2016
Where: French Institute, Štěpánská 644/35, Prague

Event overview

As an ECREA pre-conference, next fall's event, organized by Transitions (TOL) and KEYNOTE in cooperation with ECREA Diaspora, Migration and the Media section, will address the broad topic of media and migration, focusing on topics such as the role of the media in the refugee crisis; media depictions of immigrant and migrant communities; and the media’s influence on belonging and identity – especially in the context of transnationalism, multiculturalism,  and a globalized world. 

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Conference Topics:

Media, Migration, Responsibilities, Ethics, Politics of difference, Minorities, Identity


Conference partners:

The conference is supported by the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung Prague, the European Communication Research and Education Association (ECREA), the London School of Economics, Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Prague, the Institute of Communication Studies and Journalism at Charles University, and the Comparative Interdisciplinary Studies Section (CISS) of the International Studies Association (ISA).


Keynote speakers

Aidan White

Aidan White is the founding Director of the Ethical Journalism Network, a global coalition of media professional groups working to strengthen the craft of journalism. He is a journalist who has worked for 20 years in the press including at The Guardian and for 24 years he was the General Secretary of the International Federation of Journalists based in Brussels. He is an international advisor on ethics and standards in journalism and has written extensively on press rights. His book To Tell You the TRUTH (2008) gives an extensive review of media standards issues.

Asha Siad

Asha Siad is an award-winning Somali-Canadian journalist and documentary filmmaker.  She is passionate about using media as a tool to create social change. Asha shares under-reported stories that expand the dialogue and allow people to connect with the world in a more meaningful way. She co-produced Living at the Border, a web documentary that shares the realities of African refugees and asylum-seekers in Italy as they navigate through the asylum system in Europe. The project won the Amnesty International Canada Media Award for Best Online Journalism in 2014. She has reported for Shaw TV, CBC News and Frontiere News. Asha received the Images and Voices of Hope (ivoh) 2015 Award of Appreciation for showing a commitment to constructive change and amplifying hope through media. In 2016, she was honoured by the Alberta Council for Global Cooperation as one of the Top 30 young people working towards a just and sustainable future. Asha’s latest documentary film for the National Film Board of Canada called 19 Days reveals the human side of the refugee resettlement process. 

Gavan Titley

Gavan's research focuses on public culture the politics of racism in Europe, and he has written extensively on multiculturalism, migrant media, cultural diversity and public service media, and the relation of hate speech and freedom of speech. He is the author, with Alana Lentin, of The Crises of Multiculturalism: Racism in a Neoliberal Age (Zed Books 2011), and forthcoming books include Racism And/In Media (Sage 2017) and the edited Suis-Je Charlie? Media and Politics after the Paris Attacks (Zed Books, 2017).

Gordana Knezevic

Gordana Knezevic is a senior journalist and former award-winning editor of the Sarajevo daily Oslobodjenje, as well as the director of RFE/RL’s Balkan Service between 2008 and 2016. She is the author of a blog Balkans Without Borders which offers personal commentary on contemporary Balkan politics and culture . The blog reflects on the myriad ways in which the absurdities of Balkan politics and the ongoing historical shifts and realignments affect the lives of people in the region.

Larry Moore Macaulay

Larry Moore Macaulay is the Founder Editor in chief and head of production for Refugee Radio Network. The host and presenter of Refugee Voices Show an exciting talk show that reflect the trends among Refugee and Migrants living in diaspora...Larry is a strategic thinker with world-class experience in refugee rights and activism.

A Media Entrepreneur, social reformer Public affairs analyst and social critic based in Rome, Italy and Hamburg German. Larry daily inspires tens of thousands of Refugees via his Radio show and motivational speeches, workshops and seminar.

Michal Majzner

Michal Majzner is industrial project engineer and civic activist, co-founder of several projects including Prague Maidan, "President, leave", Refugee stories or most recently the project "We are supporting democratic parties". He is also member or supporter of several civic associations including "We are looking for president - Kroměřížská výzva", Podhradí or Politics and Conscience. His field of study (master degree) was in branch called Economy and management of chemical and food companies (University of chemistry and technology, Prague).

Miyase Christensen

Miyase Christensen is Professor of Media and Communication Studies at Stockholm University; and, Guest Professor at the Department of Philosophy and History of Technology, Science and Environment, the Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden. Christensen is Director of Leading Environment in Global Media Studies and Politics of Mediated Communication, Stockholm University; Editor-in-Chief of Popular Communication: International Journal of Media and Culture; and, Co-editor of the Anals of the International Communication Association.


Her latest book is Cosmopolitanism and the Media: Cartographies of Change (2015).

Myria Georgiou

Dr Myria Georgiou is Associate Professor and Deputy Head of Department at the Dept. of Media and Communications, LSE. She has a PhD in Sociology (LSE), an MSc in Journalism (Boston University) and a BA in Sociology (Panteion University, Athens). Her research focuses on media and the city; urban technologies and politics of connection; and the ways in which migration and diaspora are politically, culturally and morally constituted in the context of mediation. For more than 20 years she has been conducting and leading cross-national and transurban research across Europe and between British and American cities. She has also worked as a journalist for BBC World Service, Greek press, and the Cyprus Broadcasting Corporation. She is the author of Diaspora, Identity and the Media (Hampton Press, 2006) and Media and the City (Polity Press, 2013). 

Nadia Bellardi

Nadia Bellardi is a freelance project consultant. Her work and research cover media diversity, intercultural communication, migration and gender issues. She is an expert on community media and was Vice President of CMFE
Community Media Forum Europe and observer at the Steering Committee on the Media and Information Society (CDMSI) of the Council of Europe from 2008 to 2015. She has managed public relations and intercultural projects for
community radios, NGOs and corporations across Europe. Nadia holds a MA Degree in Political Science from Università Cattolica, Milan and a postgraduate MA Degree in Cultural Mediation from Venice University.

Conference Materials

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About the Project

With the rise of internet and social media, the media industry has undergone a substantial transformation in the past several years. What challenges does it face as it adapts to the world in which communication has changed dramatically? What is the impact of new technologies on the public access to information? What is the relationship between media and politics? How does media ownership influence the content of the news? In an effort to discuss these pertinent questions, as well as other aspects of the transformation, the Prague Media Point will offer a series of annual academic conferences in Prague, which will bring together the relevant actors involved in the process, including academics, media practitioners, political analysts, and representatives of NGOs. 

The Prague Media Point project evolved from the 25 Years After conference, which took place in 2014 and focused on the transformation of the media industries in Central and Eastern Europe since the fall of the Berlin Wall. Around 15 panels, which combined top Central European journalists with media academics, looked at all aspects of the transition, including post-communist media reforms, role of new media, and so forth. 

The project is organized by and is a result of cooperation between KEYNOTE and Transitions (TOL):




KEYNOTE is an experienced, well established consultancy and production firm that deploys unique conference design capabilities and organizational acumen. We can develop each event from an initial concept, through a thorough planning and preparation period, to a successful execution. We are aware of the importance of event follow-up, sharing outcomes, and developing long-term sustainable knowledge-based networks. 

The KEYNOTE team and our pool of highly qualified and experienced collaborators focus principally on politics, international relations, security, civil society, new social trends, and business. We regularly cooperate with a number of highly respected speakers in these areas.

We have implemented or are currently implementing projects in cooperation with notable partners that include the Aspen Institute, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Brookings Institution, Transitions (TOL), Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, Bata Shoe Foundation, European Commission, European Parliament, Deloitte, and the University of Pittsburgh. We permanently operate in close cooperation with the Forum 2000 Foundation.




Transitions (TOL) was founded in 1999 and is a leading online newsmagazine and media development organization with a mission of actively championing democracy, pluralism, and freedom of expression. We do this by strengthening the professionalism, independence, and impact of media and civil society organizations, with a special focus on Central and Eastern Europe, the Balkans, and the former Soviet Union.

Over the past 15 years has built up a reputation as one of Central Europe’s leading journalism educators. To date, over 5,000 journalists and student-journalists from around the world have passed through TOL’s training programs, which have specialized in journalism and new media instruction. Throughout the year, TOL offers courses focused on a number of beats and methods of reporting. The courses include initial online sessions before students arrive in Prague and then at least a week of lectures and reporting experience in the Czech Republic, led by top-notch journalists working for either international (the BBC, AP, NPR, The Economist, The New York Times, etc.) or Czech media. The TOL study abroad programs are reporting-based, which means that after morning lectures, students get out of the classroom and report real stories under the guidance of their instructors. At TOL we believe in close, personalized attention to each student, and instructors provide individualized assistance and guidance for every student as they pitch, develop, report and write their stories.

Call for papers & Registrations Deadlines

Media and Migration

Prague Media Point conference 2016

Call for Papers

Prague, 7-9 November 2016

Pre-Conference to ECREA´s sixth European Communication Conference

As a part of ECREA’s pre-conference and in cooperation with ECREA’s Diaspora, Migration and the Media section next fall's event will address the broad topic of media and migration. It will focus on topics such as the role of the media in the so-called “refugee/migrant crisis”, media depictions of refugees, asylum seekers, immigrant and migrant communities, and the media’s influence on belonging and identity – especially in the context of transnationalism, multiculturalism/diversity, and a globalized world. We are seeking papers that will contribute to a critical examination of this topic and result in fruitful discussion panels at the event. We invite abstracts on any of the following topics.*

  • The narratives used by mainstream media to cover the so-called “refugee/migrant crisis”.
  • The depiction of refugees, asylum seekers and migration in the media.
  • The ways that new/social media are changing our perception of refugees, asylum seekers and migrants.
  • Comparisons between the approaches of public and private media.
  • The role of the media in culturally diverse democracies.
  • Journalists as observers or actors when covering the crisis.
  • The role of immigrant/diaspora/minority media.
  • Discourses of racism and anti-racism in European media

*Please note, this is not an exhaustive list of topics, and we will review any abstracts related to the media and migration/immigration/multiculturalism and related topics.


Please submit your 500-word abstracts and a short bio by 31 May, 2016. The abstracts will be subjected to a peer review process and should be submitted to: The registration is closed, however if you think that the topic of your research is closely related to the theme of the conference, do not hesitate to contact us.


Prague Media Point is an annual international conference, dedicated to discussing the changing media landscape in a professional, political, economic, and social context. These events gather leading academics, journalists, media executives, and experts from around the world to exchange experiences, establish new contacts, and debate challenges facing both traditional and new media. In November 2016 Prague Media Point will be an ECREA pre-conference. It is organized by Transitions, a nonprofit organization established to strengthen the professionalism, independence, and impact of the news media in the post-communist countries of Europe and the former Soviet Union, and KEYNOTE, an organization specializing in organizing conferences and events that lead to cutting-edge international encounters, bring new ideas to life, and facilitate a unique networking experience.

  The organizers have also reserved a number of spaces for non-presenting conference attendees.


Please see for information about registration and fees or contact Kateřina Kusáková at:  You can also follow the conference on Facebook and Twitter at #PragueMediaPoint.