Social and Economic Inclusion of Roma Citizens (Bucharest)

When: Jun 21st, 2012 - Jun 22nd, 2012
Where: Bucharest, Romania

Event overview

Central and East European countries are facing challenges concerning social and economic inclusion of their most marginalized and vulnerable group - Roma citizens. As stated in numerous reports, Roma citizens face deep exclusion due to poverty, un-employability, unequal access to infrastructure and public services and discrimination. This is why concerted commitment and innovation is needed to effectively address the social injustice that the Roma community faces and to close the very serious gap between the Roma and the rest of society, in terms of health, housing, employment, education and other essential rights and services.

Project Social and Economic Inclusion of the Roma Citizens is an event that offers a learning opportunity for practitioners working with Roma communities, who will share their most successful approaches and learn from their counterparts. Practitioners from Romania, the Czech Republic, Hungary, the Republic of Moldova, Poland, Slovakia and Ukraine are invited to attend. The discussion will be based on participants’ experiences, with a focus on identifying similarities in the challenges that they face and best practice approaches.

Participating organizations:

  • Civic Association Romodrom, Czech Republic
  • Forum 2000 Foundation, Czech Republic
  • Museum of Romani Culture, Czech Republic
  • People In Need, Czech Republic
  • Slovo 21, Czech Republic
  • KEYNOTE, Czech Republic
  • Autonomia Foundation, Hungary
  • Association Perspectiva, Moldova
  • Consiliul Rainoal Cimislia, Moldova
  • Angelus Silesius House, Poland
  • Resource Center for Public Participation (CeRe), Romania
  • ETP Slovakia – Centre for Sustainable Development, Slovakia
  • International Charitable Organization Roma Women Fund Chirikli, Ukraine
  • Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Ukraine

Agenda of the workshop, Bucharest, June 21 - 22




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