Between the Global and the Local: Actors, Institutions and Processes

When: Jun 24th, 2012 - Jun 26th, 2012
Where: Prague

Event overview

In recent years, we have seen a deepening in the interconnectedness of developments between the global stage and local contexts. Whether one examines decision-making processes, ideas/norms, or institutional practices, there is a noticeable density in institutional structures and channels of communication that mediate between global developments and local situations. Whether the focus is on the role of the state and the scope of its authority, the national as well as transnational reach of civil society activism, or the rights and responsibilities of individuals within society, it is becoming increasingly clear that outcomes are conditioned by the dynamic interplay between global and local processes, as shaped by the mediating endeavors of a plethora of actors and institutions. In this context, culture has been identified as a key variable that contains both enabling, as well as constraining, elements that affect such mediating endeavors.

The joint 2012 CISS/KEYNOTE conference seeked to address key dimensions of this interplay in the context of the unique and, in many respects, unprecedented challenges and opportunities of the 21st century.

Papers focusing on the following topics were presented:

  • growing trends in global governance and the responsibilities of the states within international society
  • the evolving relationship between international, state, and non-state actors
  • the role of normative values and socio-cultural considerations in determining the perceptions and conduct of the various actors within the system
  • the nature and scope of traditional and non-traditional challenges that confront humankind in the 21st century

Agenda of the conference




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Keynote speakers

George Andreopoulos

Member, Vice-President, Comparative Interdisciplinary Studies Section

Jakub Klepal

Member, Founder, KEYNOTE

Sai Felicia Krishna-Hensel

President, Comparative Interdisciplinary Studies Section

Conference Materials

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About the Project

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