(eng)aging! 2018 brought iteresting ideas

On March 1–2, 2018, the “Aging Workforce: Older Workers and Immigrants as New Pillars of Western Economies?” conference took place on the premises of Ceska sporitelna Palace in Prague. The conference, co-organized by Active Aging Centre and KEYNOTE, has attracted more than sixty delegates from thirteen countries and three continents.

Dedicated to the problematic of age management in politics and on workplace, the conference consisted of series of content-rich educational panels presented by recognized politicians, academics, scientists, and practitioners. Their contributions aimed to search for the existing problems relating to the inclusion of older workforce into active society and also proposed various solutions and strategies to effectively deal with the situation.

In the words of Vitalija Gaucaite Wittich, Chief of Population Unit at UNECE: “It is important for the ageing population to participate in society. When social inclusion becomes more difficult, recognising the potential of older persons, encouraging longer working life, and ageing with dignity are three goals of states to be achieved.”

There were various solutions to the existing problem of aging workforce proposed by the speakers. For former Czech Prime Minister and a former European Commissioner for Employment, Social Affairs and Equal Opportunities Vladimír Špidla, the partial solution is to better adapt to the new trends: “The key trend which I believe will influence development is the digitalisation and artificial intelligence. In the future, AI will be the external source that will reorganise our society. People will lose their importance as the producers, however they will maintain their potential for the economy as the consumers.” Craig Dundas, Deputy Migration Program Manager at Canadian Foreign Service on the other hand proposed to copy the solution adopted by Canada and take use of migration: “Well-designed immigration programs can support economic growth, complement domestic skill sets with top global talent to support innovation and attract investment, and mitigate the impact of an ageing population.”

Allow us to thank to all the participants for their interesting contributions!