Sakharov Prize 2011 – Human Rights after the Arab Spring

When: Dec 05th, 2011 17-19.00
Where: European House, Prague, Czech Republic

Event overview

The Sakharov Prize for Freedom Of Thought is being awarded annually by the European Parliament. For 2011 the recipients are 5 representatives of the Arab Spring. At this occasion the Czech representation of the EU Parliament and EU commission organized a panel debate.


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Keynote speakers

Jan Fingerland

Panelist, Czech Radio 6

Khalid El Biltagi

Panelist, Co-founder of the Green Party in Egypt

Libor Rouček

Panelist, Vice-President of the European Parliament

Lucia Najšlová

Moderator, Analyst, Institute for European Policy EUROPEUM

Šádí Shanaáh

Panelist, Founder and Director of Insaan: Czech-Arab Centre for Cultural Dialogue

Conference Materials

About the Project

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Call for papers & Registrations Deadlines

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